Spanish fashion

Spanish Fashion prevails anywhere in the world for its quality and style. Spanish fashion triumphs all over the world through its designers, prestigious international fashion labels and models that have had success on international catwalks like in Milan, London, New York and Paris displacing the most sought-after top models in the market.  . The world of fashion, frivolous as it may seem, is a million-dollar business which does not only allow many national companies turnover millions of dollars, rather it makes Spain known and it promotes the use of Castilian.
spanish-fashionSome of the  expansion at international leve lis that of the leading company Zara which is currently the most widely known company of Inditex group, also consisting of Pull & Bear,Massimo DuttiBerksha and Stradivarius, a fashion empire made up of hundreds of factories and 1080 shops in 33 different countries.

Inditex dresses Europeans, Americans, the Japanese, and the Middle Eastern population alike with its labels. It also attracts international personalities for example Chealsea Clinton, the daughter of Bill Clinton, ex-President of the United States, who once modified his presidential itinerary to go shopping in the Zara branch of Ankara, the Turkish capital where his father had once visited officially.

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