Makeup is also backbone of fashion industry, Makeup which is also linked with cosmetics is substances or products used to enhance the appearance of human body especially women as well as men and fragrance of the body of every human being.
Mostly word makeup reflects and belong ot the women, or girls and all cosmetics and designed for women which are applied for body like face and hair.makeup2
In recent era women generally use more modern and latest cosmetics like men, but now trend change a men also used cosmetics like women especially for face and hair.
Almost men and women now switch over to natural or herbal cosmetics and depends on hand made or herbal products. Products are generally mixtures of chemical compounds which also effects the body of human being especially the women so they have also side effects or reactions so people back to herbal products instead of synthetic products, makeup included lipstick, foundation,  mascara, eye shadow, skin cleansers, skin lotions, shampoo and conditioners hair gels and spray, and body spray and perfumes.

Everyone want to look beautiful, so they used to cosmetics for cleansing, hair growth and hair fall shampoos, and all cosmetics products for their body.makeup3