Footwear is a part of Fashion industry and every fashion week or in almost all fashion industries footwear are part and partial of any fashion event like fashion shows, fashion week, and fashion clothing because when ever these events are started they concentrated   not only the clothing or makeup or hair style even on footwear as well.

Footwear fashion change time to time and occasion to occasion it depends on event which started in today industry, modern footwear change with passage of time, sometime new fashion change to old one and old fashion replace the new fashion. Recently the footwear fashion of 80’s or even 90’s.Fringe sandals

In European and the US footwear industry was declined and revenue of footwear industry was also declined. New fashion industry attracted the industrialist to change new fashion and replaced old fashion.
Footwear is very important in Fashion industry, this industry is no completed without the footwear.