Chinese Fashion Week

China Fashion or fashion industry have a ┬ástrong oriental elements, Chinese fashion has become one of the highlights of London Fashion Week. Now, let’s have a look at a special event held exclusively for Chinese designers.

chinese-fashiomOver twenty Chinese brands were shown at London Fashion Week. The special show won praise from critics with designs expressing inspiration from cultural symbols as they appeared familiar to an international market. A British magazine said Chinese designers mingled the colors and designs of the western fashion world with oriental symbols, making their clothes both trendy and elegant.

Chinese companies have been invited to London by the British Fashion Council for three consecutive years. As quoted by British fashionistas, China has become the largest country in fashion manufacturing, and will absolutely become an important power in fashion design.

Harold Tillman, chairman of British Fashion Coucil, said, “I think, first of all, Chinese industry for fashion is manufacturing.”

To show Chinese brands’ design ability to the western world, a Chinese Fashion Industry promotion meeting was also held. Senior market development personnel, fashion buyers, and retail giants were in attendance to negotiate future cooperation and market development.

The hall of Beijing Hotel was on fire as models walked the runway donning the newest styles for 2011. Crowds were dazzled at the Hempleawards — the 19th China Young Fashion Designer Contest — on March 25th.

Photographers, fashionistas and industry leaders flocked to the event, which kicked off China Fashion Week 2011/2012. Twenty nine contestants from 17 countries presented their work at the Hempleaward Contest, which was hosted by the China Fashion Association and Hempel International Group.

Forty brands, 29 well-known designers and 300 emerging fashion talents will be featured through the end of Fashion Week on March 31.

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