Fashion Styles

In UK Fashion industry is very popular and most events related to fashion launched every year, after billion investment in this industry on entire world, in UK the British Fashion Council (BFC) are promoting and boosting the fashion industry,  it is a central platform under which the industry is able to showcase and celebrate British fashion and promote the fashion industry through out world. It was provide a core focus for the industry and a schedule for the major fashion events and activities throughout London.

british-fashion-1With the passage of time and new trends and media coverage boost the fashion industry and fashion industry have three key objectives – to celebrate and showcase our extraordinary talent in the world of Fashion on one platform and inspire and educate young people and attract them to get involved with the industry,  and to leave a legacy of future support and nurturing for our fashion stars of tomorrow.


British fashion is also known as oldest fashion in the world. Every year mostly European countries including UK celebrated the fashion events including world renowned fashion weeks like London Fashion Week.


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