American Fashion
Like other European countries American fashion also played very important role in present fashion industry, and known as the top fashion shining countries of the
when you check the fashion history of America it’s totally different form the rest of world, America fashion industry is a diverse mixture of culture and customs of different races and tradition of  Fashion industry.
Due to this USA fashion has always been influenced by European Culture its trends and design, especially France (Paris). Almost all major fashion industries were established in Paris and other countries follow these fashion, customs and new Fashion trends.
The Fashion trends and tastes was spread to United Kingdom especially the fashion city England then to the Eastern United States.
Like other fashion cities in the world from the fashionable cities of New York and Boston, fashion trends  migrated to the Western coast and occasionally  to the less populated western states.american-new-fashion

American women did not wear their Paris creations or London fashion and they packed  the dresses away for three or four years before wearing them, and women rarely wear the same dresses twice.

With the passage of time and new fashion trends introduced on fashion magazine and TV show and wealth spread and middle class grew and became rich, they left  these old trends and ways.
Wedding dresses are so expensive that there prices are so high that even a middle class hardly afford it range started from $3000 to $10000 and luxury exceeded these figures.
Americans were influenced by European new design they preferred to make their own or home made clothes in 19th century 70 percent. But later on wealthy Americans still preferred tailor-made dresses.
They borrowed new styles and fashion trends from Europe.
American fashion has unique clothing and wearing styles also known as western wear. Jeans especially blue jeans were very popular in in 18’s and still now its a trend in entire US for young and teenagers.

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